Checking a General Contractor’s Credibility

In constructing a building, regardless if it is for a place of business or a place of residence, you have to place great importance in the word “reliable”.

You have to get building materials with reliable quality. And of course, you have to hire reliable workers.

General Contractor

You have to carefully check the credibility of the general contractor you have to hire before you sign the papers and close the deal with them.

In checking a general contractor’s credibility, you have to know what to look for and you have to find out how to check properly – or else, you might unknowingly be putting your trust and money into someone who would scam you or deliver subpar work quality.

There are many ways you can check the reputation of a contractor. One of the easiest ways is to simply check the internet for reviews. Be mindful of checking reviews from the actual company where your contractor works because they might only be showing positive reviews. You can research extensively and check blogs or forums. Sometimes, unhappy clients vent their dissatisfaction online and you might just come across something warning you about your potential contractor. You can also check their educational background and make sure they have the necessary skills and education for the job. The National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) course is a good start.

Another way is to ask for a list of reference from your contractor. Ask for the most recent ones as well as old ones. Then, visit these old clients to see if their house still looks good and sturdy years after it was built. As for the most recent ones, you can visit their homes, too and ask questions regarding the professionalism of the contractor or any problem that they may have encountered during construction.

Checking the Better Business Bureau or BBB will also give you an insight of what to expect from your contractor. The BBB will let you know of any pending cases filed against any contractor or building company.