Building a Firewall For Your Home

For anyone wanting to have their very own dream house built, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the home style and design would be the first things that come to mind in envisioning or planning the construction.


But, aside from beautiful home designs, one of the most important features of your home that is worth planning is its longevity and ability to withstand certain potential destructive factors such as earthquakes, hurricanes, fire, and so on.


Building a firewall should be as vital as building any prominent part of your home.


Firewalls are walls especially made to be resistant to fire for a specific time period – giving you time to save your valuables (if not to extinguish the fire entirely) before the entire house gets burned.


There are various types of firewalls, and there are certain types that have the highest levels of fire resistance, which can be ideal for areas where incidents of fire are most likely to take place.


Adding a firewall to your home would be a very wise move, not only for your own safety but could also help if you are planning to sell your house in the future. Some people actually look for firewalls before purchasing a home.


Firewalls are often built between two rooms, this is to control the fire to an area in your home and prevent it from spreading quickly. Some homes have firewalls in between the main house and an addition or an extension, such as a garage.


If you already have a firewall in your home, it is crucial that you keep a watchful eye for any damage to it. A small crack or even a tiny hole can be extremely dangerous because it could allow the fire to get in. Therefore, if you notice any damage to your firewall, no matter how superficial you think it might be, have it looked into professionally.