Wooden VS Brick Home

There are a variety of building materials you can choose from in constructing your own home. Wood or timber and bricks are among the most popular options when it comes to building materials for residential structures.

Brick Home

In choosing between the two, it’s important to remember that each has its own strength and weakness; and in order to know whether wood or brick is best for you, you have to find out these strengths and witnesses.





Wood is generally faster to install for builders because of its lightweight.

Insulation can be easily installed in a wooden house

High quality and thick wood can last for a very long time


Depending on the type of wood, this material can easily be available

Wood is more affordable than brick

Wood can easily be modified or removed if you want your home renovated



If not treated, wood can be vulnerable to rotting or decay

Wood can expand or warp depending on the weather





Bricks are extremely durable and will perform excellently against storm and strong winds

Bricks are resistant to rotting, fire, and water


Bricks can last for centuries



Bricks can chip or crack in case of an earthquake, unlike wood, which is pliable

Bricks are heavy and will take a long time to install

Brick materials are expensive

It can be very hard to remove if you want to demolish it for home renovation


Aside from these important properties of wood and brick that you have to watch out for, there are some other matters you have to factor in as well, such as the availability of workers in your area who are capable of installing the materials you want using. For instance, there are locations where most contractors are only specializing in working with bricks and regions where workers are experts in using wood. You don’t want your money wasted in buying a material no professional near your area can install expertly.